What can you expect?

It can sometimes be daunting to walk into an unfamiliar building for the first time. What can you expect if you come to Newhouse Baptist Church?

  1. You will be greeted warmly at the door by the steward.
  2. You can sit anywhere you feel comfortable – the steward will help you if you are not sure where to go.
  3. You will find a hymn book and a Bible in the pew. You don’t have to bring anything.
  4. The service will be led by the minister. He will:- Announce all the hymns (usually there are four), which the congregation stand to sing.
    – Pray aloud, whilst the congregation remain seated and follow the prayer in their thoughts.
    – Read a passage from the Bible.
    – There is sometimes a short talk for the children.
    – Preach a sermon for about 30 minutes. (In all the service lasts about 60 – 70 minutes)
  5. It will be very obvious to you when to sit or stand, and what to do when. You will be part of a congregation, so you can just follow everyone else.
  6. After the morning service, twice a month, a short service of Communion (or the Lord’s Supper) is held, when Christians share bread and wine as symbols of Jesus’ dying for their sins. This makes the service a little bit longer. If you are not a believer it would be inappropriate to take the bread and wine – just let them pass you by without embarrassment – but you are very welcome to remain present to watch and learn. The bread and wine are distributed while the congregation remain seated.
  7. When you leave Newhouse Baptist Church we hope you will have been helped by the service, especially by the Bible’s changeless message of salvation through Jesus Christ.