Questions & Answers

Q – Do you have regular Bible Studies and prayer meetings?
A – We meet every Tuesday for a Bible study and prayer meeting. This is regarded as a very important event in the weekly programme of the Church. It commences at 7.30pm (Summer time) and 6.30pm (Winter time).
For any who would be interested to enquire about the basic teachings of the Bible we would be willing to arrange a Christianity Explored Course which covers a basic overview of the Bible’s message. Click here to visit the Christianity Explored website.

Q – Do you support any missionary work?
A – The Church has an active interest in missionary work, both overseas and in the U.K. Missionary speakers visit the Church regularly and we support them both by giving and in prayer.

Q – Do you seek to reach out to others?
A – We visit and distribute leaflets to local homes, villages and to a nearby shopping centre. We have a local Evangelist who comes to help us in this work. In addition we hold occasional special events to which we welcome people to come and hear speakers who will present the Bible’s message in a way which will be helpful for those who do not come regularly.

Q – Do you have any affiliations?
A – We are in fellowship with a number of like–minded Churches in the South West and we hold joint prayer meetings with some on a quarterly basis which proves a great encouragement. We are also in fellowship with the Association of Grace Baptist Churches.

The Church acts as host to twice-yearly West Country Reformed Fellowship Meetings. These are Bible teaching meetings which are held on the third Saturdays in May and November. A good number gather for these meetings from many different churches.

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Q – Who conducts the services and preaches on Sunday?
A – Normally, the Pastor. In his absence a visiting minister or a member of the congregation will be invited to do so.

Q – Do you have a Sunday School?
A – Not at present, but children and parents are made to feel comfortable in the service and there is usually a special talk for the children. Parents are welcome to use an adjoining room, if needs be, where the service is relayed.

Q – Do you have Ladies’ / Men’s meetings?
A – We have two ladies’ meetings each month. One is on the first Wednesday evening to which we often invite a guest speaker. The other, called ‘Prayer and Share’ is on the third Wednesday morning when, after coffee, we have a time of Bible – related study followed by prayer.
A men’s prayer group takes place at the same time as the ladies’ meeting on the first Wednesday evening of the month.

Q – Which Bible versions do you use?
A – Members of the congregation use several different versions but normally the New King James Version is used from the pulpit or sometimes the Authorised Version.

Q – Which hymn book do you use?
A – Christian Hymns.