What we believe – summary

  1. All our beliefs are based on what is written in the Bible. We believe that whatever the Bible says is true and that it provides a perfect and abiding revelation to everyone of God’s mind and will.
  2. The Bible teaches that God is an all-powerful, everlasting and holy Being and that because He has made us and sustains us in life and is the source of all the good things we enjoy, we are therefore accountable to Him for the lives we have lived.
  3. But we have all dishonoured Him by failing to love Him as He deserves, being disobedient to His commandments and turning to our own ways. We are therefore sinners in His sight and exposed to His just condemnation.
  4. God has, however, in an act of amazing kindness, sent His Son – the Lord Jesus Christ – into the world to be the promised Saviour. Jesus Christ accomplished this by living a perfect life which was acceptable to God and also by dying a substitutionary death upon the cross in the place of sinners. God demonstrated His acceptance of the saving work of His Son by raising Him from the dead. This makes peace with God a glorious possibility.
  5. God calls on us to turn to Him in repentance and to receive eternal life through trusting alone in what Christ has done on our behalf.
  6. By acting positively to this call we prepare ourselves for Christ’s return, when He will judge all mankind according to their response to Him during their lives. The Bible warns that He will banish all those who have not come to Him as Saviour to everlasting hell, but promises that He will receive all who have trusted Him for salvation into the fullness of the joy of Heaven.

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